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FREE Music Lessons

Purpose:    To give the student a basic understanding of the Nashville Number System and the importance of learning and knowing music theory to advance onto other subsequent lessons.
Objectives:  Upon completion of this lesson, the student will:
    A:    Know that each lesson must be completed in the order they appear, to build upon a foundation of fundamental knowledge;
    B:     Know that this is a self-paced series of lessons, it is not important, in fact advised not to, try to go too quickly through the lesson(s) until after 100% mastery and understanding of the current lesson;
    C:    Know the suggested CDs to acquire to listen to the musicians referenced for the specific instrument studied.
Procedure:  Read the following carefully and order some of the CDs suggested in the recommended listening.

    Before you visit music lessons for specific instruments, it is strongly recommended you visit and learn a little bit about the Nashville Number Code and music theory. 

    It is also recommended you go through each of these "Music Theory" lessons one by one and in the order they appear, and not try to move on or too fast, until you understand everything in the lesson you are currently working and studying.

    We will be using these symbols and numbers to show chord changes and riffs, in addition to tablature in each subsequent lesson and also for each specific instrument lesson.  These numbers/symbols in our basic "Music Theory" lessons will prove helpful, even if you have been playing for a while or you are indeed a well seasoned professional.

    Knowing basic music theory and harmony will help you learn the licks much faster and the rationale for them, in addition to helping you learn to improvise and to grow as a musician to express your own voice and soul.

    After completely reading this page, to begin please click on the following in the order they appear and complete each lesson.

Course Description
Nashville Number System Intro The very basic of Nashville Number Code
Scales & Keys Explaining scales, keys and the scales in various keys.
Making Chords What notes make up what chords.
Using Chords What chords make up what songs.
Scales & Chords What notes/scales in the chords make up lead riffs and fills (5 parts in order of appearance)
Minor Keys Explanation of minor keys and how to play in them easily
Exceptions to the "Rules" Variations on using chords and notes in a song that are often seen and why they work.
Time & Tempo Time signatures, note-beats per bar and how many beats in a minute.

    As with any music course or learning help, there are recommended readings and listening.  Below are some of the CDs and artists to seriously listen to, if you haven't already.  We offer select CDs for the hottest licks by these musicians, where we describe how to play them, show how they can be used in other songs, but you also need a copy of the CD to hear them.

Recommended Listening & Learning

Instrument Course Artists Cited
Guitar CDs Eric, Clapton, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Larry Carlton, Chet Atkins, Les Paul, The Ventures
Bass_CDs Joe Pastorius, Bob Babbitt, Stanley Clark, Paul McCartney, Sting, Dave Pomeroy.
dobro CDs Josh Graves, Jerry Douglas, Mike Auldridge, Cindy Cashdollar, Bob Ickes
pedal steel guitar CDs Buddy Emmons, Pete Drake, Speedy West, Jimmy Day, Tommy White, Lloyd Green, Weldon Myrick
mandolin CDs Bill Monroe, Ricky Skaggs, Jethro Burns
fiddle CDs Mark O'Conner, Doug Kershaw, Kenny Baker, Johnny Gimble
piano CDs Floyd Cramer, David Briggs, and others.
harmonica CDs Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Junior Wells, Stevie Wonder, Charlie McCoy and Will Griffin

    If you don't already have one, you can buy some of the musical instruments and gear I use that I play and that I recommend.

    You may also visit the musician's starter kits page to buy some of these harmonicas and I also have a page where I have selected many beginner's books for guitar players.  You may find these learning harmonica books  to be helpful also, when you visit back here to get additional help and advice.

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FREE Music Lessons

     Nashville Number System Intro
     Scales & Keys
     Making Chords
     Using Chords
     Scales & Chords
         Part - 2
         Part - 3
         Part - 4
         Part - 5
     Minor Keys, Scales and Chords
     Exceptions to the "Rules"
     Time & Tempo
     Stave Notation
     Guitar & other Fret Tablature

     Piano Lessons
     Guitar Lessons
     Bass Lessons
     Dobro Lessons
     Steel Guitar Lessons
     Harmonica Lessons

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