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Traditional Country Artists

Featured Artist

Will Griffin
"Hanging On"
National Anthem
Takes a Moment to Load
Contact Will
All Instruments: Will Griffin

Songwriter and Nashville studio musician Will Griffin has ventured out from retirement to record and release both a harmonica instrumental CD and a CD of original songs.

See Full Index of Songs
All Instruments Performed by Will Griffin

     I Miss Me
     Rock Rolling Away
     Cold Beer Signs
     Wasted Words
When I Pray



goodtimecharlie.jpg (10655 bytes)
Nashville Legend Charlie McCoy

Feast your ears on one of the all time finest musicians and Grammy Winning Multi-Instrumentalist. 

Mr. Studio Player himself Charlie McCoy.

Congratulations Charlie for Country Music Hall of Fame


Other Charlie McCoy Albums/Tapes/CDs

B0000026LF_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (13895 bytes) B0000027HR_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (18572 bytes)
B000000P9G_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (16078 bytes) B000000P8R_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (19103 bytes)

     If you are a professional Traditional Country recording artist and your project has been recorded using union musicians, where if you became a  Traditional Country popular artist, your CD can be played on the radio, please submit the form for our review and consideration of your participation.

Traditional Country Artists


Jim Stafford


James Wayne "Jim" Stafford (born January 16, 1944, Eloise, Florida) is an American comedian, musician, and singer-songwriter, prominent in the 1970s. Stafford is self-taught on guitar, fiddle, piano, banjo, organ and harmonica.

Recordings:  Stafford's first chart hit was "Swamp Witch", which barely cracked the U.S. Top 40 in July 1973. By early 1974 he had charted his biggest hit, "Spiders and Snakes", which peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 that March. Stafford regularly performs with other guests at his theater in Branson, Missouri and other venues.

TV:  The Jim Stafford Show appeared on ABC in 1975. He appeared as well numerous times on music specials, variety shows, and talk shows (he was a frequent guest on the Tonight Show. He co-hosted Those Amazing Animals with Burgess Meredith and Priscilla Presley, and also hosted 56 episodes of Nashville on the Road. In 1967 and 1968, he performed regularly and served as head writer/producer for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

Leroy Parnell

For Lee Roy and Full Band:
APA Nashville
Attn: Steve Lassiter
Phone: 615-297-0100
For "Lee Roy & Friends" Acoustic Shows
LRP Inc.
Attn: Julie Albertson
Phone: 615-613-4863

Rhodus Country Band
Tampa and Central Florida
Gene Rhodus, Bass and vocals
Terry Richard, Keys and vocals
Randy Wade, guitar and vocals
Edwin Gotay, drums

Repertoire and Genre Include:
Traditional Country
Today's Country
Classic Rock & Roll


More Coming Soon Coming Soon

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Recommended Traditional Country Music CDs.

 Traditional Artist


B00000JC6B_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (17044 bytes)
Cold Hard Truth

Other George Jones Albums: The George Jones Collection 16 Biggest Hits Anniversary: 10 Years Of Hits
Merle Haggard & George Jones

He's the voice of experience, the voice of regret, or simply the Voice. Though George Jones suffered a near-fatal collision while recording this album, his first for Asylum, Cold Hard Truth has the vocal command of an artist with a new lease on life.

Highlights such as "Choices," "Our Bed of Roses," and the album-closing "When the Last Curtain Falls" (with harmonies from Vince Gill and Patty Loveless) extend his reign as the most heart-clenching singer of sob-song balladry in country music.   Without a doubt . . . the possum is awesome!

B000002KL5_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (16128 bytes)
Roses In The Snow

Other Emmylou Harris Albums:
Profile: Best Of Emmylou Harris Profile II: Best Of Emmylou Harris
Duets Blue Kentucky Girl

Harris' 1980 back-to-the-roots album marks a high point in her career. With stellar support fromm Tony Rice (acoustic guitar), Albert Lee (mandolin), and Ricky Skaggs (fiddle), Harris wanders comfortably and warmly through traditional-country and bluegrass pastures.  Skaggs, Dolly Parton, and the Whites add beautiful harmonies as Harris slides effortlessly from the Carter Family to the Stanley Brothers to the Louvin Brothers to Paul Simon.  Among the set's peaks are Flatt and Scruggs's "I'll Go Stepping Too," with Rice, Skaggs, Lee (on superb electric guitar), and dobro master Jerry Douglas turning up the instrumental heat, and the spiritual "Jordan," with Harris, Skaggs, Rice, and Johnny Cash engaging in buoyant four-part harmonies.

B00004U2G7_01_TZZZZZZZ.jpg (2673 bytes)
Red Headed Stranger

Other Willie Neslson Albums:
The Essential Willie Nelson
16 Biggest Hits
Always On My Mind
Honky Tonk Heroes

Saddle up, and let Willie Nelson take you on a mellow 33-minute trot through the Old West. Before this sparkling concept album Nelson had been known primarily as a songwriter, having penned hits such as "Night Life," "Crazy," and "Hello Walls." On this 1975 record, he creates a lonely and plaintive mood with an almost childlike lullaby quality.   "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" thrust him into the spotlight, but ballads such as "Time of the Preacher" and "Can I Sleep in Your Arms" also receive sensitive treatments . Borrowing from turn-of-the-century cowboy music, Nelson guides a 15-song journey that includes some lively instrumental stops, but mostly wanders quietly through the sage.  Other songs include: Red Headed Stranger, Remember Me (When The Candle Lights Are Gleaming), Maiden's Prayer & Bandera.

B000002U0R_01_TZZZZZZZ.gif (2707 bytes)
Down Every Road 1962-1994

Other Merle Haggard Albums:
The Best of Merle Haggard
The Lonesome Fugitive
The Merle Haggard Box Coll.
Sing Me Back Hom

For a long time, Merle Haggard has been best known for his least-important music--"Okie from Muskogee" and its sequels, "The Fighting Side of Me" and "Are the Good Times Really Over." All three of these patriotic novelty songs are included on this four-CD box set, but they are dwarfed by the riches around them. Songs such as "Running Kind," "If We Make it Through December," and "I Started Loving You Again" eschew sloganeering to draw powerful portraits of working-class folks pulled in one direction by a longing for footloose freedom and in another by economic realities and emotional ties. The catchy directness, the poetic vernacular, and Haggard's baritone purr mark those numbers as examples of country music at its finest. Down Every Road is as crucial as Robert Johnson's Complete Recordings, Hank Williams' Original Singles Collection

B000002OWW_01_TZZZZZZZ.gif (6036 bytes)
Strait Out Of The Box

Other George Straight
Latest Greatest Straitest Hits Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind Right Or Wrong Strait Country

When the hits come as effortlessly as they do to Strait, it's easy for an artist to lose interest.  The man who ushered in country's hat-act era has spent a career bouncing from lifeless and fluffy to hard and soulful. This four-CD box tells the story from 1976 (when he cut the first of three singles for Houston indie D Records) through 1995. At his best--"Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind," for example--he defines the modern heart song, but lightweight stuff such as "Hollywood Squares" won't win him new converts.

4 CD Box Set . . . a must for every George Straight fans.

B000002OPT_01_TZZZZZZZ.gif (5370 bytes)
Reba McEntire Greatest Hits, Volume 2

Other Reba Albums: Live Greatest Hits The Last One To Know

As the late 1980s gradually segued into the early 1990s, the choices of material and the production values Reba McEntire brought to her recordings often seemed to be guided as much by right-brained market savvy as by true left-brain inspiration. This "hits" compilation skims the cream of her commercial achievements during this prolific period in her career.  Though there are only 10 tracks, these include landmark No. 1 singles like "You Lie," "Fancy," "Is There Life out There," and "Does He Love You," a heartfelt duet with Linda Davis.

Sadly Missed Classic
Country Artist


B000001F76_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (15010 bytes)
40 Greatest Hits

Other Hank Williams
Alone And Forsaken The Complete Hank Williams Honky Tonkin' The Legend Of Hank Williams Live At The Grand Ole Opry The Original Singles Collection

With a legend like Hank, than man who largely dragged country music into the modern age, the question is how do you pick just 40 of his songs? There were the immediately obvious biggies like "Hey Good Lookin'," "Jambalaya," and "Move It On Over," but almost everything was a gem in one way or another. Whether this collection is the greatest hits or not will depend on the listener, but for anyone with even the slightest curiosity about country music, it's essential listening. Hank was a landmark of the genre, and to hear him is to understand how country could change from rural to urban. Essential listening for everyone. 

It has been said that "I'm So Lonesome, I Could Cry" may have captured the soul of country music . . . perhaps it is so.

B0000296J9_01_LZZZZZZZ.gif (32342 bytes)
Gunfighter Ballads
& Trail Songs

Other Marty Robbins Albums: The Essential Marty Robbins: 1951-1982 All-Time Greatest Hits (Legacy) Country (1960-1966)

A lonely Westerner in Nashville, Marty Robbins salved his soul by cutting an album (in one afternoon) of mostly self-composed cowboy ballads. One of them was a four-and-a-half-minute epic, "El Paso," that broke every rule of Top 40 programming to become a No. 1 pop and country hit in 1960. Other titles include "Big Iron" (also a Top 30 hit), three extra tracks flesh out the 1999 release, including "Saddle Tramp" (the B-side of "Big Iron") and "The Hanging Tree" (title song from the 1959 Gary Cooper Western).

This album is an all time classic  . . . as is true of Marty Robbins.

B000002NVT_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (16236 bytes)
Patsy Cline
12 Greatest Hits

Other Patsy Cline Albums:
The Patsy Cline Story
The Essential Patsy Cline
The Best Of Patsy Cline

In the late 1950s and the '60s, country music was essentially a singles medium. This album, first released in 1967 and reissued on compact disc in 1988, collects Patsy Cline's biggest hits--all of them from the country singles market--including "Walkin' After Midnight," "Sweet Dreams (Of You)," "Crazy," and "I Fall to Pieces." Producer Owen Bradley surrounds Cline's full-throated, emotionally charged vocals with lush, sophisticated arrangements that set the standard for Nashville's "countrypolitan" sound. Before Shania Twain found a new (though not necessarily improved) way to combine country and pop in the 1990s, this was the top-selling country album of all time by a female artist.

B000002OIE_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (17615 bytes)
The Patsy Cline Collection (MCA)

Other Patsy Cline Albums:
The Patsy Cline Story
The Essential Patsy Cline
The Best Of Patsy Cline

The Country Music Foundation offers 104 songs--more than four hours of music--even though Patsy Cline died at 30 after less than a decade of recording. Given the wavering quality of her later string-laden work, four CDs might be excessive, but this set comprehensively follows Cline from upstart country boomer to pop diva. She could take charge of a song from day one, as the two 1954 radio transcriptions prove. On her vibrant late-1950s work, she moves from honky-tonk and rockabilly to soft ballads in commanding fashion. "Walkin After Midnight," her first hit, features Don Helms's gentle steel guitar while her vocals blend raw power with emotional vulnerability. By 1957, vocal groups had entered into the mix, and in 1961, hits such as "I Fall to Pieces," "She's Got You," and Willie Nelson's "Crazy" brought her pop stardom

B000002WX8_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (18574 bytes)
The Essential
Waylon Jennings

Other Waylon Jennings Albums: Greatest Hits Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
Wanted! The Outlaws Outlaws Super Hits

Drawn from Waylon's 20 restless years with RCA, we hear him constantly challenging and reinventing himself. Waylon understood simplicity, and heeded Buddy Holly's advice to master rhythm. Few more rhythmically adventurous country records were ever made.  Rooted for the greater part in the '70s when Waylon was at his commercial and artistic peak, this 16-song collection includes classics like "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line," "Good Hearted Woman," "Waymore's Blues," "Just to Satisfy You," "Storms Never Last," and 11 others. It's hard to fault each song individually, save to say that most of them come from albums which deserve to be heard in their entirety.

B000009RBG_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (19699 bytes)
George Jones Spirit

Other George Jones Albums:
The George Jones Collection
16 Biggest Hits Anniversary: 10 Years Of Hits
Merle Haggard & George Jones

The quarter drops, and out comes the voice of Despair, anxious at first, then desperate, with the singer sliding up a wail meant to caress and exorcise his demons at the same time. He holds the cry as he might the last bottle on earth and then plunges to the low notes in a moan that leaves no doubt--when you talk about pain and suffering, George Jones has been there.  The proof is in this 44-song, two-disc box set, a tear built into every groove, starting with the stripped-down production of Pappy Daily's early Starday hits ("Why Baby Why"), segueing to the Mercury years ("The Window up Above"), dipping into the United Artists and Musicor material ("Love Bug"), and then moving on to the Billy Sherrill era at Epic, where Jones secured his legend with his emotionally charged renderings of melodramatic material ("The Grand Tour"). The set is rounded out with a smattering of Jones's countrypolitan duets with Tammy Wynette ("Golden Ring"), as well as "He Stopped Loving Her Today," the preeminent modern country song and performance.

B0000025A0_01_LZZZZZZZ.gif (55829 bytes)
George & Tammy
Greatest Hits

Other George & Tammy Albums: 16 Biggest Hits Golden Ring The President & The First Lady

At the end of 1971, George Jones signed a 10-year contract with Epic Records, where Tammy Wynette was enjoying the peak of her career with Billy Sherrill. By then, Jones's hard-country style had fallen out of favor, and in part to soften his clenched-teeth delivery, the producer paired him with Wynette, who rounded her hard, strident delivery with sensuous lower tones. Jones's unconventional style--alternately stretching or biting off the ends of his phrases, and sliding from one end of his register to the other--was hard to follow, and Wynette learned to read her cues in body language. A dipped chin meant he was going for a low note, a tipped head signaled he was aiming high. But Wynette did more than just hang on. The combination made them the President and First Lady of country music during their six years of marriage (1969-75), and their musical partnership took them to the top of the singles charts three times: "We're Gonna Hold On," "Golden Ring," "Near You." When the storybook romance ended, the mood of the duets changed from devoted love to restrained anguish. Every country fan wept

B0000028OX_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (17455 bytes)
Tears Of Fire:
The 25th Anniversary

Other Tammy Wynette Albums: 20 Greatest Hits Super Hits D-I-V-O-R-C-E

Sometimes it is hard to be a woman. That, of course, is the central line in Tammy Wynette's signature song, and the message that she conveyed repeatedly over the course of her three-decades-long recording career. Wynette was uniquely suited to convey pathos with pluck. She, along with Loretta Lynn, pretty much defined country music from the female perspective from the late '60s through the '70s. But while Lynn presented a mostly amiable façade, Wynette was the more gripping and imposing artist. For starters, she possessed pipes that could tear your heart out of your chest. Tears of Fire (and what and excellent--and appropriate--title) gathers all her hits and a few oddities (1964's pre-flight "You Can Steal Me," her weird but captivating 1991 collaboration with the urban dance unit the KLF) in one three-disc package. Old fans will find this essential; the merely curious with a skewed outlook on the down-home diva based on "Stand by Your Man" will be stunned by how talented Wynette really was.

B000002WT8_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (9536 bytes)
The Essential Jim Reeves

Other Jim Reeves Albums: Home [Box Set] Best Of The Best Of Jim Reeves

As much as any performer this side of Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves exemplified the Nashville Sound. Chet Atkins's lush production fit like a cardigan sweater around the Texan's cozy baritone; it was a sound traditionalists believed was antithetical to true country music.  Record buyers, however, begged to differ--in droves. The so-called countrypolitan movement produced its share of schlock, but Reeves had much going for him, most notably a knack for finding apropos material, including "Welcome to My World," "Four Walls," and "He'll Have to Go." This 20-track overview features 20 trademark tunes cut between 1957 and his death in a 1964 plane crash. For refined rural Romeos and Juliets, these are the cozy tunes that established the country crooner as something of a Nat King Cole in cowboy boots

B00000JT4K_01_TZZZZZZZ.gif (5030 bytes)
Ray Price
16 Biggest Hits

Other Ray Price Albums: The Essential Ray Price: 1951-1962 Prisoner Of Love

Here's a career that defies explanation. Ray Price, the father of the Texas shuffle, achieved dance-hall immortality in 1956 with "Crazy Arms," with its walking bass; heavily bowed, single-string fiddle; and slightly tetched lyrics. He may never have topped it, but hits like "City Lights," "The Other Woman," and "Heartaches by the Number" proved it was no fluke. Price's big, mellow voice made country music sound erotic. Then in 1967 he threw away his honky-tonk reign with "Danny Boy" of all things, cut with a 47-piece orchestra.  That one may have left something to be desired, but his 1970 reading of Kris Kristofferson's "For the Good Times" was certainly as earthy and compelling as Countrypolitan got. It's hard not to want more Harlan Howard and Hank Cochran songs, and less Jim Weatherly, but Price is as contrary as country stars come, and this set represents him accurately.

B000007QCM_01_TZZZZZZZ.gif (6156 bytes)
Essential Johnny Cash 1955-83

Other s
Legend at His Best
At Folsom Prison
Complete Live at San Quentin
Best Of Johnny Cash
The Complete Original Sun Singles
The Man In Black (1954-58) [Box Set]
The Man In Black (1959-62) [Box Set]

The art of Johnny Cash is as traditional and innovative, as expansive, as the 20th century itself--so much so that The Man in Black now stands as an honest-to-God American icon, a living link to the Carter Family and the very origins of modern country music some 70 years ago. His own repertoire has touched upon just about every significant development in the field ever since, and this three-CD, 75-song box set gives an impressive overview of just about all of it: the rockabilly-boogie singles for Sun in the 1950s; his straight-country smashes from the '60s and '70s; the Americana sagas he recorded during the folk revival; the pro-Indian and antiwar protest songs; the legendary live prison sets; and so much more--all of it a compelling testament to the art of simple storytelling and to the expressive power of a unique human voice. While more is far better in this case, the single-CD Sun Years captures the best early Cash available. So while calling this The Essential Johnny Cash is certainly accurate, it's also a huge understatement. Call it, instead, an essential document of 20th-century America.

B00000C41G_01_TZZZZZZZ.gif (3551 bytes)
Ray Charles: The Complete Country & Western Recordings 1959-1986 [BOX SET]

Other Ray Charles
Modern Sounds In Country and Western Music
Love Songs

Feeling is what Ray Charles is all about--straight from the gut, exposed and vulnerable, real. And because it's the feeling of his music that matters most to him, whether it's found in the words he's singing or the notes he's playing, he has never seen any reason to limit himself to any particular style. He's played blues and gospel, jazz and soul, pop and rock and country, and for a half century now he's scored hits and created masterpieces with just about all of it--very often all of it at once! But no matter how startlingly dynamic his arrangements, the focus is always the feeling in Charles's voice. It's such an expressive, soulful instrument that, regardless of what's swirling around it--strings? gospel choir?  pedal-steel guitar? all of the above?--it still demands the center of attention. Charles's version of country music takes the listener to unexpected places, musically and emotionally.   Hearing all of his interactions with C&W pulled together like this simply amazes.

B000002OSX_01_TZZZZZZZ.gif (6156 bytes)
Honky Tonk Girl: The Loretta Lynn Collection [Box Set]

Other Loretta Lynn
20th Century Masters: The Best Of Loretta Lynn
20 Greatest Hits (Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty)

Editorial Reviews

Rolling Stone (12/29/94-1/12/95) ...shows just how sorely the craggy character of her voice is missed amid the blandness of so many '90s country ingenues...

This 3 CD set has many of the Greatest Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn Classics.

B000002OEQ_01_TZZZZZZZ.gif (6371 bytes)
Sons of the Pioneers
Country Music Hall Of Fame

Other Sons of the Pioneers
Songs Of The Prairie [Box Set]
Columbia Historic Edition

The Sons of the Pioneers set the standard for cowboy music that remains in place more than a half-century after their heyday. The group (which Roy Rogers helped form) combined vocal and instrumental expertise with a sure-shootin' flair for finding matchless material, whether that meant adopting a traditional tune such as "Rye Whiskey" or generating original compositions. Early member Bob Nolan penned "Way Out West," which helped launch the outfit in the early '30s. It's on this sterling 16-song greatest-hits collection along with the enchanting "Hills of Old Wyomin'" and, of course, "Tumbling Tumbleweeds." Now that's white-hat Western music! Indeed, there may not be a better CD for finding out how the West was won ... with song.

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